Most tile I see isn't sealed, and if it is it's usually worn out. Unsealed tile and grout allow dirt and grime to settle into the pores. When we mop we tend to push more unwanted filth into the grout lines and divots where it then dries and hardens, building up over time. Tile and grout cleaning solutions available to the pubic at large aren't nearly strong enough to do the job right. And when it comes down to it... only professionals own the various, specialized equipment required to make the endeavor more than an exercise in futility. Cleaning tile is laborious and has a pretty steep learning curve. 

That's where we come in.

It doesn't matter how filthy a tiled floor is, we can make it look new. First, we attach a Teflon glide to the steel extraction wand as to not scratch the tile. We dry-vacuum the area to remove loose particulate and then apply a moderately caustic solution. It dwells for about fifteen minutes before scrubbing with an orbital buffer and massive tile brush. Grout lines are scrubbed with a professional grout tool and then the whole floor is treated to high pressure hot water extraction until it is bare, clean stone. We use air movers to dry the floors quickly and then apply two coats of Armstrong high-end tile sealant. The floor can be walked on after three hours of curing time. Which means that if we start in the late morning, the floor is usable by 5pm. This service runs $1.50 per square foot and like all our work, 100% guaranteed