Carpet cleaning is 45 cents per square foot and includes:

                                1) Thorough vacuuming including crevices 

                                2) Light to Medium Furniture Moving

                                3) Proper Carpet Cleaning Protocol 

                                4) Grooming and Drying Assistance

                                5) Carpet Stretching runs $75-$150 per room depending on the size. 


      Tile and grout cleaning and sealing is $1.50 per square foot:

                                      1) Removal of dirt and particulates

                                      2) Heavy duty alkaline dwell and scrub

                                      3) Hot water extraction w/ Teflon glide

                                      4) Proper sealant application


                 Sofa upholstery cleaning is $15 per linear foot:

                 Recliners and the like are $65

                 Ottomans are $20

                                        1) Dry vacuuming to remove dust, hair etc...

                                       2) Solution application and agitation

                                       3) Hot water extraction

                                       4) Textile grooming for proper drying


NOTE: We use only 3M Scotchgard at 50% of the cleaning price.

              Worth every penny if you have kids and/or pets.