A clean carpet is a modern luxury that can make a home comfortable, beautiful and safe. A dirty carpet makes one want to move... or get it professionally cleaned. I suggest the latter. Here's a breakdown of what to expect from your carpet cleaner:

1) A thorough vacuuming with a commercial machine.

It's absolutely vital for your cleaning tech to do a really good job vacuuming before any moisture application. Dust and dirt plus moisture equals a light mud substance. Not good. At Carbonated Carpet Cleaning we vacuum for a good 30 minutes before starting, even if the client says they just did it.


2) Non-soap based, phosphate-free cleaning solutions

The EPA has mandated the removal of phosphates from detergents available in the US due to the "dead zones"created by their runoff into aquatic areas and the subsequent die-off of marine life caused by algae blooms that rob the water of oxygen and thus, kill all the fish. Important for ecology but the removal of phosphates renders these detergent products less effective.

Most good textile cleaners have moved away from soaps and detergents not only because they are less effective and cause environmental problems but because they are sticky. Even a light soap residue can attract dirt and cause the carpet to lose its color prematurely due to alkalinity. Soap residue can cause a cascade of problems that lead to premature aging of a carpet that really should last fifteen years, under proper care.

We bypass all of the horrors that cheap detergents can cause by NOT using them. Our proprietary cleaning solution is soap-free and based on food-safe components. You can drink it, although it does taste awful.

By the way, the "Carbonated" in Carbonated Carpet Cleaning refers to the soap-free carbonated solution we use as our go-to cleaner. We then use the hot water extraction or the bonnet method depending on the circumstance.


3) The correct method for the Job

There are two standard methods of professional carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction (aka "steam cleaning") and "bonnet cleaning". Most carpet cleaners do one or the other, WE DO BOTH. Hot water extraction (HWE) is used for all residential jobs and bonnet cleaning for commercial. HWE takes longer to dry (usually about 3-6 hours) and bonnet cleaning dries in about 2 hours. HWE is a much deeper clean while bonnet cleaning is more topical, usually for commercial spaces that need to dry fast and look good. 

With either method, we start with the least invasive cleaning solution and work our way up if needed. Its amazing what can be accomplished with hot water and some simple solutions.